Pepsi 6pks 2 for $11
Red Bull 12oz. - 2 for $6
Copenhagen, Skoal and Red Seal - buy 2 save $0.70
Gatorade 28oz. 2 for $5.50
Rockstar 16oz. 2 for $5
Marlboro - Buy 2, Save $1
Coke 20oz. 2 for $4
Monster 16oz. 2 for $5
Dasani 24pk - $6.49

Present a registered Kickback card at the Hickory House Restaurant
for 10% off of your total bill!

Kickback Rewards Bonus Deals

Brownie Baker Singles Any Variety

Buy 2 get 25 points

Sweet Baby Rays Jerky 3.25oz Any Variety

Member Pricing - Save $0.50

Cereal Treat Bars 1.7-2.1oz Any Variety

Buy 2 get 50 points

Muddy Buddies 4.5oz Any Variety

Buy 2 get 100 points

Gardetto's 4.5-5.5oz Any Variety

Buy 2 get 100 points


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