About J.R.'s Country Stores

It all started with a single store in Trinidad, Colorado in 1986. Since then, J.R.’s Country Stores has grown to nine stores across southern Colorado.


Based in Pueblo, J.R.’s Country Stores was founded by Rollie Leyh and Joseph Raymond Duran in 1986. The chain grew from that single store in Trinidad to ten locations. In 2001, Leyh and Duran divided the stores with Leyh keeping six of the ten stores under the name J.R.’s Country Stores. Leyh credits his long-time collaboration with Vice Presidents Dan and John Montoya for the success of the business.

Community Focus

Now boasting nine stores (from the six retained), we’re proud to serve southern Colorado. We participate in numerous community outreach programs and give back to the communities we serve. Unlike a large chain based outside of the community, J.R.’s is a neighbor and partner in the community. 

Rollie Leyh, President (right) and John Montoya, Vice President
Joseph Raymond Duran or "J.R."
Look how far we've come! This is Donna Martinez. She's worked for JR's for 32 years!

Your One-Stop Shop

Our stores are not only a convenient place to fuel up, but your one-stop shop for refreshments and snacks or groceries and other convenience store fare.

We have also expanded to food service and operate both the Green Chile Grill in Pueblo and Hickory House Restaurant in Lamar.

Our People

The greatest strength of J.R.’s Country Stores is our people. We have employees who have been with J.R.’s since the get go. If you’re interested in joining the J.R.’s team, you can check out our current job openings and apply.

J.R.’s Country Stores remains a family-owned business that serves southern Colorado.

We're Hiring!

Check out our current openings. We'd love to have you on our team!